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"Warm and Heart-y" Box
"Warm and Heart-y" Box
"Warm and Heart-y" Box
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"Warm and Heart-y" Box

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This box's theme is "Warm and Heart-y"

Take care of yourself this month.

Your patients may be starting to get their vaccines, but that doesn't mean the pace is slowing down at work. If anything, it's only getting crazier, and you need to make the most of your time off. This month's box includes cozy, warming self-care surprises such as:

  • Infinity Scarf - Top It Off
  • Travel Humidifier - Diamond Humidifiers
  • Turmeric Hot Chocolate - Elements Truffles
  • Two Badge A-Peel Buttons - Outside the Box
  • Anatomical Heart Stud Earrings - NurseStuds

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