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How it Works

Q: When will I get my box?
A: Our boxes usually ship in the middle of the month, between the 15th and the 20th. You should receive your box 2-5 business days after that.

Q: What is going to be in my box?
A: Every month is different, but you will receive 3-6 awesome, full-sized products, often along with other fun samples and surprises. Some items are for work, some are for play, but all of them are chosen with busy nurses in mind!

Q: Is this box a good value?
A: We think so! Each product should be something useful, fun and valuable to you as a nurse. While we think each luxe, theme-curated box is greater than the sum of its parts, the MSRP of every box is over $60 each month.

Q: I’m not a nurse. Would I like this box?
A: This is a great box for any medical professional, not just nurses! It has products that would help many professionals who work long hours on their feet, but some of these products will make more sense for nurses or people who work in healthcare (i.e., stethoscope charms, medical scissors, etc.). Additionally, some items have the word "nurse" printed on them (such as our "nurses don't complain" wine glasses and our "top koala-ty nurse" pin). We think lots of hardworking women would enjoy our most of the items in our box, but you’ve been warned!

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Login to your account by clicking the little person icon at the upper right corner of the page.  Use the address and password you used at signup.  On the upper left side of the page, there is a link titled "Manage Subscriptions."  Follow that link - from there you can see your delivery schedule and cancel your subscription.

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Q: What if I want to buy a box or a set of boxes, but don’t want to be rebilled?
A: If you want to buy just one box, you can buy the current box, and you will not be rebilled, or you can also buy month-to-month, but cancel whenever you wish (including after one box).

Q: I have a discount code. Where to I enter it?
A: You enter it on the checkout page, where you enter your customer information. You access it by clicking "check out" when viewing your shopping cart. Just enter your code on the right side of the page, under your cart contents, where it says "Summary," and don't forget to hit "Apply!"

Q: What if I don’t like my box? Can I return it?
A: Generally, we don’t allow returns. If, however, you have an issue or are dissatisfied with one of our boxes, please let us know what the problem is, and we will make it right! Of course, in cases where there is a broken or damaged item, we will be happy to replace that item.