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Bedtime for Tired Nurses

This month, it’s bedtime for tired nurses! Let’s face it: one of the things you often sacrifice when you’re a nurse is a “normal” sleep schedule. You work day shifts and night shifts, sometimes in the same week... sometimes, on the same day. Your schedule means that you may forgo sleep to spend time with family and friends, while other times, you’re at home trying to get some shuteye even though everyone else is out and about. That’s why, this month, NurseLuxe is celebrating Bedtime for Tired Nurses!

We know how important it is for you to wind down and get some rest whenever you can. This month’s box brings you items to help you sleep - perfect for when you’re trying to take a nap at an odd time, or when you’re just too tired to sleep. We’re also bringing you fun items to make your bedtime a little more special and luxurious. And lastly, when you can’t see the stars and there’s still a lot standing between you and your pillow, we’ve included some stethoscope bling to bring the night sky to you!

We know you'll enjoy these sleep-themed items. To purchase the Bedtime for Tired Nurses box, click here:

Thank you for all you do as a nurse. Stay sane, stay gorgeous and keep on dreaming.



Mary Grace and the Team at NurseLuxe

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