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The Best Gifts for Nurses

2020 is the Year of the Nurse. Everyone knows a nurse that is saving lives and making the world better on the daily. Here at NurseLuxe, we know what nurses love, so we put together a gift guide for the everyday superheroes in your life!
With a T-shirt in a jumbo prescription vial and a coffee of your choice, this box is perfect for the coffee-obsessed nurse. There's even a Florence Nightingale Blend, perfect for nurses. Find the box HERE!
With this adorable cap, a nurse can tell the world that, after 12 hours of saving lives, their messy 'do is a badge of honor! Find it HERE.
This cream and slate-colored notebook pays homage to the history of nursing. Use it to record observations and take notes. Find it HERE along with other beautiful products from Cognitive Surplus!
This lovely enamel pin was specially designed for NurseLuxe by the artist from Lady No Brow. This is the perfect little gift for the nurse in your life. This enamel pin comes with a locking back, so they can pin it to their bag, scrubs, a jacket, or scarf with confidence that it will stay put. Find it HERE.
A nurse can curl up on a rainy fall afternoon with a good book. Of course, J.M. Appel’s newest title might be more intellectually stimulating than relaxing. Test out your moral compass with the most challenging ethical questions in medicine. Each chapter is 1-2 pages, so even the busiest nurses can read it in their (very brief) downtime. Find it HERE.

Any nurse will enjoy a lighthearted repurposing of a serious tool; instead of intubating a patient, open your favorite beer, hard cider or root beer. This keychain is made of zinc, with a chrome finish. At less than an ounce, it’s also super lightweight! Find it from StatGear HERE!


These fun pens from Snarky Nurses are sure to make any nurse giggle! Find them HERE.

These cute blue-blocker glasses protect eyes from the blue light emitted by electronic screens and fluorescent lights. Wearing these glasses will put less stress on your eyes, and promote better sleep cycles, which nurses definitely need. Find them HERE.

 Created by a nurse, for nurses, littlethanks cards are a quick and easy way to show appreciation for your team members. Nurses work in an incredibly demanding and high-pressure environment and are vulnerable to several psychological hazards. Use these little cards to foster positive work relationships and improve workplace culture. Find them HERE!


This awesome pulse oximeter comes with a wrist strap and 2 AAA batteries. It comes within 2 BPM and 2% accuracy, per FDA guidelines. Find it HERE!

These clever bandage scissors grip IV and G tubing with ease; fine grooves between the handles allow you to grip and twist, insert, or extract. The hook can be used for opening the metal rings on saline-style vials, or as an oxygen key. These 100%  stainless steel scissors are a perfect addition to any nurse’s toolkit. Find it HERE!

Your badge never looked so good! This 100% genuine leather gold badge holder has an ID window on one side, and card compartments on the other, so you always have credit cards and cash handy - leave your purse at your desk! (Marker not included) Find it HERE!



This heavy-duty badge reel comes with two-reel thing cables. These sturdy cables can support all sorts of nursing essentials, including keys, bandage tape, and scissors. Keep your ID badge and your other necessities handy. Find it HERE along with other great gifts!


This engraved chain necklace with a sterling silver hexagon-shaped pendant is the epitome of minimal and sophisticated accessory. Find it HERE!

Nurses love coffee to keep them energized during long shifts! This refreshing scrub helps tighten skin and fight cellulite. Find it HERE!

Of course, we have to shoutout NurseLuxe. It's a monthly subscription box for nurses filled with items that keep nurses feeling luxe and professional on and off the job. Some of the items are for work, some are for play, but they’re all carefully curated with busy nurses in mind!

All of these gifts are sure to make the nurse in your life feel appreciated. The work of a nurse often goes unappreciated. Make them feel loved with these gifts!

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