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February 2020 NurseLuxe Box

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Baby, it’s cold outside! February can be a tough month. The holidays are over. Everyone’s back to focusing on work. Snow has turned to sludge, and we’re in the full-on winter doldrums. And maybe we just have bad circulation, but, especially in winter, our hands are always cold. Hospitals are often kept chilly, and OMG, don’t even get us started on grocery stores or movie theaters! Valentine’s Day reminds us, though, of all of the things that warm our heart, even when the rest of us is freezing. So, this month, let’s focus on the heartwarming, and appreciate the great people in our lives - whether they’re our colleagues, patients, SOs, or best friends. That’s why we’ve themed this month, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart.” The February box brings you tools to deal with the winter blahs. Some of the contents of this box physically warm up your hands, while others cheer you up with bright, heart-shaped fun! So, sure, sometimes you’ve got to rub your hands together (or wear gloves, or use a hand warmer) to avoid shocking people when you touch them! However, we’re pretty sure your patients can tell that you have a warm heart, during winter, and all year ‘round!


Mary Grace and the Team at NurseLuxe

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