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To Nurses, for Nurse Appreciation Month

May is alway Nurse Appreciation Month, but there has never been a time when nurses have deserved more appreciation. In the past months, you’ve worked insane hours in environments that range from hectic at best, to downright unsafe at worst. You have maintained professionalism in the face of exhaustion, understaffing, pay freezes, and insufficient PPE. The world can’t repay you enough for your heroism.

 At NurseLuxe, we know we can’t give you all of the thanks you deserve. All we can do is tell you that we see you. 

We know that you’ve made huge sacrifices in order to heal your patients, comfort the sick and dying, and contain the most frightening pandemic of our lifetimes.

 We’ve put together this month’s box knowing that a few light-hearted items can only do so much for people who are on the front line of a disaster. That said, we hope these items will lift your spirits, and that you’ll wear and use them with pride. they should inspire others around you to thank you for all that you do as a nurse! 

So, here’s to you, Covid Warrior! We hope things are starting to look up, and that you’ve shepherded our country through the worst of this pandemic. We also know that you, the most essential of essential workers, will continue to fight for all of us as long as we need you.

Stay sane, stay gorgeous, and keep on nursing.


Mary Grace and the NurseLuxe Team

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  • Super heroes wear scrubs too thank you all nursing out there God bless us all

    TIFFANY bradberry

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